The Local Difference


Microgreens maybe small but they pack a powerful punch of vital nutrients and vitamins. During a plants growth cycle microgreens are harvested at the peak of their nutritional content. In other words, eating microgreens is a powerful way to get vital nutrition that your body needs.


Microgreens are grown using sustainable methods compared to conventional farming and other food sources. Since we farm using organic methods which means no nasties or pesticides are used. We use less land since we grow vertically and the microgreens are super nutrient condensed additionally our growing trays are reused.

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Locally grown

Locally grown food results in a smaller carbon footprint, with less transportation needed.

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Extraordinarlily Fresh

Living foods are super fresh, we harvest all our produce within 24 hours of delivery (often less). You get the benefit of maximum nutrient density, superior quality and longer shelf life. You cannot obtain these foods in the supermarkets.

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